A Meeting of Tax Administrations from the Balkans Held in Banja Luka: Regional Tax Administrations Jointly Combatting Tax Evasion

Intensive cooperation and rapid information and data exchange between the Balkan tax administrations – the B6 administrations, will continue to be the focal point of their joint action whose main goal is to increase the level of tax compliance and uncover tax evasion in the countries of the region.

This was, inter alia,  announced at a meeting which was held today at the Government of Republic of Srpska premises in Banja Luka by representatives of the tax administrations from BiH – BiH Indirect Taxation Authority, Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH, Tax Administration of the Brčko District, as well as the tax administrations of Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, which together with the tax administrations of Serbia and North Macedonia that did not attend today’s meeting comprise the B6 regional group.

The topic of this year’s meeting of representatives of B6 tax administrations was “Experiences regarding the transformation of tax administrations into modern and service-oriented authorities with the support of information and communication technologies.”

The meeting was hosted by the director of the Tax Administration of Republic of Srpska, Goran Maričić, and the director of the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority, Zoran Tegeltija. Also present at the meeting were Šerif Isović, director of the FBiH Tax Administration, Sava Laketić, director of the Tax Administration of Montenegro, Marijana Vurajić Kudeljan, assistant director of the Croatian Tax Administration, Peter Jenko, assistant director of the Financial Administration of Slovenia, and Davor Ninić as the representative of the Tax Administration of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with their associates.

Maričić and Tegeltija opened the meeting by welcoming the colleagues from other tax administrations and thanking them for coming to the regional meeting, while expressing hope for enhanced cooperation in the upcoming period, which would be a benefit for everyone, especially citizens. The representatives of the tax administrations presented the achievements their tax administrations made in the field of digitalization, which offered the participants a clearer insight into the state of play.

Bearing in mind the importance of exchanging experiences and good practices between the tax administrations, the tax administrations from the B6 countries that had already signed the Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Tax Administration Activities invited the representatives from other regional tax administrations to attend their in-house trainings and seminars in the upcoming period.

Furthermore, it was emphasized at the meeting that information exchange between tax administrations is extremely important, especially in the light of changes occurring in the field of international taxation, overall globalization, emergence of new business forms, digital and sharing economy. In this regard, the tax administrations, signatories to the Agreement, committed to make additional efforts to speed up the process of information exchange as one of the key elements in combating tax evasion.