Director General

Director General

Goran Maričić
+387 51 332 326


Dr Goran Maričić, Director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska and a Doctor of Law, was born in 1974 in Banja Luka, where he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Banja Luka in 1999 and passed the bar exam.

He completed the postgraduate studies in 2009 at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad and the doctoral studies in 2017. Since 2000 he has worked in the Government of the Republic of Srpska, the Civil Engineering Institute of Banja Luka, he was appointed Secretary of the Banski Dvor Cultural Center, Director of the Development and Employment Fund of the Republic of Srpska, and on 1st November 2007 he was elected Director of the Service for Common Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, which position he held until he assumed the function of Director of Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska in December 2018.

A Word from the Director

Dear citizens,
The Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska has achieved excellent results over the past few years, particularly when it comes to public revenues collection within our competence, as well as modernization of operations and excellence in taxpayer service provision.
The foregoing constitutes the most important goal and the vision that the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska has shaped for the future, along with continued efforts to fight the gray economy as one of the largest problems that we are faced with.
As taxpayers who act in compliance with laws and regularly report and pay their tax obligations you should receive the highest credit for such good results and for giving your contribution to the strengthening of the Republic of Srpska and its economy.
With a view to facilitating compliance with tax obligations, major steps have been taken to digitalize the RS Tax Administration. We have automated the collection of public revenues which has produced excellent results and we have enabled electronic filing of all tax returns which has made us one of the leaders among public administrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.
This functionality allows you to report your tax obligations from your home and business office and to download useful tax information. Of course, the road does not end here and we will try to continue keeping abreast of modern technologies and to continue, digitization-wise, to be one of the most advanced government institutions.
It is my hope that we will continue our successful cooperation also in the future for the benefit of our Republic of Srpska so that it may become a responsible, successful, and modern society. In order to reach these goals we need to understand that high tax moral of citizens is one of the pillars the development of a country rests on and to know that regular reporting and payment of tax obligations strengthens our Republic of Srpska and its economy.
The Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska will continue to remain at the disposal of its taxpayers and to provide them with all the services that are within our competence, so that they can fulfill their tax obligations as simply as possible and within legally prescribed deadlines.
Dear citizens, we invite you to timely report and pay your tax obligations and thus avoid unnecessarily being exposed to sanctions and costly enforced collection procedures that we are sometimes simply forced to perform in order to carry out our basic function – the collection of public revenues.
So “Pay the tax, strengthen the Srpska”
Truly yours,

Dr Goran Maričić
Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska