Dušan Vulović
Acting Assistant Director
Telephone: +387 55 210 060

Regional Center Bijeljina

Regional Center Bijeljina as a core organizational unit performs administrative and other technical duties concerning the following: auditing taxpayers; monitoring regularity of payment of tax liabilities and instructing payments to be made in default cases; enforced collection for all taxpayers; providing assistance to taxpayers and taxpayer education; reconciling tax liabilities; receiving tax returns, issuing tax certificates; working on appeals and statute of limitations; acting on taxpayers’ refund and recalculation claims; other duties as stipulated in regulations.

The internal organizational units in RC Bijeljina are as follows:

  •  Audit Department,
  •  Collection Department for Legal Entities,
  •  Collection Department for Entrepreneurs and Physical Persons,
  •  Department for Legal and General Affairs and Local Offices.