High-Level Representatives of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia Visit the RS Tax Administration: More Intensive Cooperation and Faster Exchange of Information Agreed

Tax Administrations of the Republic of Srpska and Slovenia will intensify mutual cooperation in the area of direct taxes over the coming period, which will primarily concern the faster exchange of information and realization of joint projects for mutual benefit.

It was agreed between Goran Maričić, Director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska and Ivan Simič, Acting Director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, along with their associates during the meeting that was held in Banja Luka today.

Directors of the two tax administrations have also signed an Agreement on Cooperation which, in addition to furthering the existing cooperation and exchange of information, provides for the exchange of experience, best practices and tax related initiatives. Furthermore, this visit of top officials of the Tax Administration of Slovenia, an EU member state, was used to agree on the implementation of joint projects such as organization of trainings and developing publications to encourage, promote and exchange experiences.

Director Maričić said that this was an extremely important visit of the delegation of the Slovenian Tax Administration and added that he would expect multiple benefits from the cooperation agreement signed today.

“Exchange of experiences and replicating the best practices in work from colleagues from Slovenia, a country that is a member of the European Union, is very important for us. Moreover, faster exchange of information is especially important to us, ” Maričić said. He added that the cooperation would take place through the organization of meetings, seminars and technical consultations, with the participation of representatives of the two tax administrations.