RSTA will Adopt Best Practices for Software Asset Management

Zora Vidovic, director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, and representatives of the Crayon Group Norway, signed today in Banja Luka the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at cooperation on development and implementation of practices for Software Asset Management.

Namely, “Crayon Group”, a global leader in field of Cloud Technologies and Software Asset Management, has launched together with the Microsoft Company the Software Asset Management Technologies Adoption Initiative, entitled “Sam-iQ”, to enable business and economic improvements for the Republic of Srpska. An integral part of this initiative will be training in the field of Software Asset Management lead by Crayon Group. These trainings will be supported by “Microsoft” and will enable the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska to adopt and implement Software Asset Management industry practice and best tools in order to improve the overall legalization of software intellectual property rights, concurrency of economy within the private sector and RSTA’s operational efficiency.

Following the signing of the Memorandum, director Vidović pointed out that this cooperation with the “Crayon Group” company was important and that it was initiated at the request of the company’s representatives. She added that within this cooperation, a certain number of employees of the Tax Administration of the Republika Srpska shall undergo training in the field of software asset management to ensure the mastering of necessary tools. She said that the training to be undertaken under this Memorandum by several RSTA officials will be free of charge and will provide the said officials with new area specific knowledge, which would futher improve their work aimed at continuing the fight against grey economy in the RS.