“Tax Hour” Held for High School Students

In 2019 the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska continued to educate high school students throughout the Republic of Srpska in order to present the importance of paying taxes, as well as the significance of tax system and the benefits that arise from it.

On that occasion, education i.e. “Tax Hour” was organized at the RS Tax Administration Headquarters in Banja Luka for students of the Banja Luka School of Economics, and such education was held in previous weeks for high school students in other cities throughout the Republic of Srpska. Moreover, the students of the Banja Luka School of Economics visited the premises of the RS Tax Administration in Banja Luka where they were acquainted with the processes of work in some sectors and the Regional Unit Banja Luka.

Within these educations high school students were introduced to the tax regulations, form and way of work of Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska as well as RS tax system respectively with existing taxes, procedures and conditions and ways of payment of tax liabilities, rights and obligations of taxpayers. Also, high school students were presented the way of functioning of the Unified System for Registration, Control, and Collection of Contributions as well as the process of fiscalization.

The aim of these activities is rising up the awareness about importance of tax system and paying of tax, as well as benefit that comes from that, either for individual and society. It is about activity continuation of the Tax Administration of Republic of Srpska on education of the youngest population in order to, as coming taxpayers, gain necessary knowledge and realize importance and advantages of regular payment of tax liabilities.

Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska will continue education of the young in the next period as a key segment in changes of way of thinking in this area throughout visits to educational institutions or students visit to Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska. Through these activities, we strive to affect on citizen’s awareness, from the youngest to the eldest, that paying the tax strengthen Republic of Srpska in all segments.